Repost: SCH NYC Chapter Meetup Thread (WCF Game 1)

Sorry for slacking off on this, but let's get all discussion on this under one roof. This is for New York City (or Tri-State area, kinda, for TMFF) SCHers and anybody else who happens to be in the area.

I'll try to manage this and update it as necessary; only rec it if we actually figure something out.

Next Game: Game 1 @ Sharks, Sun 5/16, 3 pm EDT

Proposed Location: TBD

Other upcoming weekend games (schedule):

  • Game 4 vs Sharks, Sun 5/23, 3 pm EDT
  • Game 7 @ Sharks, Sat 5/29, time TBD (if necessary)

Other potential locations:

I don't know anything about hockey bars in this city so please, PLEASE suggest/discuss more in the comments; I'll add them to the page as needed, and put up a semi-official location if we can agree on anything.

I'm guessing audio is preferred; as for location, I've heard about guys from all over (UWS, Rockaway?, and TMFF is in CT), so let's try to find a good central location.

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