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Before It All Goes Down...

Couple links:

-The TV schedule is out.  I don't really care about this stuff, but the amount of preseason games on television is pretty startling.  Then again, would we rather watch the Bears?

-Funny story about KANER! on Deadspin.  May be true, may not be, but good for a laugh nonetheless. 

-We didn't make much of this at the time, but it's worth keeping an eye on.  The Hawks are sending a team to Toronto's Rookie tournament.  While I don't know how important this is, surely it's worth seeing if Beach, Morin, and Lalonde make an impact, and whether they may make a splash with the big club this year.

-Finally, i've gotten a couple emails this week about possible SCH roadtrips this year.  We've only briefly discussed the issue amongst the triumvirate, but sadly the schedule does not toss up many Saturday night road games in an accessible destination with no Sunday home game following it.  However, there is one.  Feb. 12th at Phoenix.  Now, obviously, this is a much more complicated operation than last year's St. Louis trip.  However, in the middle of February we all need a break from the cold, getting tickets shouldn't be tricky, and it could be a story.  I'll use this as a trial balloon just to gauge initial interest or curiosity.

-All right the, that's probably it for the weekend.  We start for real Monday.  Don't forget to pony up some questions for our season preview here.