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Maybe Partying Will Help: Wild 4 - Blackhawks 2

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David, please do not try to eat the puck.
David, please do not try to eat the puck.

Writing a recap for games like this is fucking awful.  I have so little and so much to say all at the same time.  Games like this don't deserve thought out written recaps (as if anything we do is "thought out" anyway)... they deserve drunken ramblings at 3:00 AM when you're slurring every word and in constant danger of toppling off your barstool.  Yet here we are..

And it's not as if the game was completely awful - the first was almost exactly what we'd want to see.  The Hawks went down but fought back and utterly dominated the starting twenty.  Then they popped it into neutral and let the game come to them.  Sure, there were still chances for the Hawks - Backstrom made some huge saves, guys you've never heard of blocked shots that were sure things, posts were hit and whistles were blown early.  You can sit back and make excuses based on those events but the Hawks showed no sense of urgency and forced us to watch a game that actually killed my will to drink... no easy task.

Expect a scoarched earth post tomorrow when Sam wakes up with what will most assuredly be a gnarly hangover.. til then.. bullets

  • Awful game from Marlboro 72 tonight - Biscuit's turnover led to Havlat's goal, they had no idea what was happening on Antti Miettinen's (though it was a pretty passing play) and they felt so bad about Chuck Kobasew missing his wide open chance that they decided to give him an assist by sleeping through the rest of the play.  Still - Keith's shot goes in rather than hits that post and we could have overlooked most of the rest of the game... so it goes.
  • Speaking of bad games - that's two in a row from Crawford.  Sunday he looked panicky and lost in his crease (but still made some big saves) while today he would probably give anything to have that first goal back.
  • I don't know why people complain about ads on jerseys... I thought the Mountain Dew ads on the Wild's shoulders looked fine.  
  • Troy Brouwer... I have no real complaints about you but man I wish you could have buried those two other goals
  • Guess who led all Hawks in blocked shots... go on.. I dare you.  Give up?  Nick Leddy.  Ugh
  • Winning would have just been a bit too easy, right?  We want the do or die atmosphere that the second half of this season will bring, yes?  You want to hang everything you love on every shift like it's all a game seven, eh?  Well.. probably not.. but it's what we're going to get.  Buy the ticket, take the ride.