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Brothers Gonna Work It Out: Blackhawks 4 - Kings 3

What a fun little adventure that was, eh?  Despite being soundly out-played, out-shot, out-raced, out-everything'd for the first 19 minutes or so the Hawks only found themselves down only a single goal (Thanks goal posts!).  Then Rob Scuderi was sent off for two minutes on an interference call against Patrick Kane... which was a pretty chincy call actually.  The Kings decided to leave Marian Hossa alone behind the net allowing him to bring the puck up for a successful stuff attempt (Thanks Drew Doughty!).  So after the first twenty, though they didn't deserve to be, the score was tied.

McClure mentioned that he almost wished the Hawks didn't score that goal, worrying that it could reinforce the idea that they can out-talent teams that are out-working them.  I was on the fence - if the Hawks used the goal as momentum into the second, it obviously would be a good thing.  If they fell back into their floating ways, obviously not so much good.  Turns out it was the former.  The second period saw the shot totals almost exactly flipped (6-13 compared to 12-5).  The Hawks once again took advantage of a power play opportunity when Patricks Kane and Sharp hooked up on a great pass across the ice, leaving Sharp with a wide open target.  Also, it was Toews' first point of the night.  Sadly, a horrible turnover from Skille just inside the Kings zone led to Justin Williams springing Ryan Smythe who tied the game. 

With the third period up in the air, Patrick Sharp gave the Hawks the lead when a good forecheck from Kopecky and himself led to a turnover and a second goal on the night.  Not to make things too easy though a near constant string of stupid penalties ensued.  It was only a matter of time til the Kings tied it.  Then the Captain scored possibly his luckiest goal so far and the Hawks hung on for the win.  The finger isn't far from the panic button yet but we can sleep a little easier, for tonight at least. 

100 Bullets:

  • The defense hasn't been shy about jumping into the offense lately.  It's no surprise for Campbell to be up there but I've noticed Seabrook down low far more often, including on Tazer's goal.  He even may get credited with an assist as he may have been the one to slap the puck over the net and off Quick's helmet.  
  • While it's good to see Biscuit helping out but it'd be even better to see him not to follow Keith on acid trips while in the Hawks zone lately.  During the off-season we talked about how the forward depth wasn't such an issue because the defense was where this team was based.  It'd be nice if that was true...
  • The Power Play unit is top of the pops and they scored twice tonight.  Have the clown shoes been transferred over to the PK?  
  • Thanks to Seabrook, we all know that shooting a stick at a player is an automatic penalty shot... but what about just moving the stick around the zone to help block passing lanes for you?  Dave Bolland got a little creative on the first of the many power plays in the third.  It's that kind of jerkstore quality that really makes me like Bolland.
  • Do see what happens Larry?  Do you see what happens when you win a faceoff?  Toews' goal was a direct result of the Hawks winning a draw in the Kings zone.  It wasn't even Toews who really won it, as Troy Brouwer worked his way past the Kings' winger to get the puck back to the captain.  Control the puck in the other team's zone and good things can happen.  Good to see the Hawks get a bit of luck for a change.
  • I really couldn't give a shit about where the Hawk's mom's went on their bus tours or where they went shopping.. but it was kinda cool to see them celebrating after their sons scored.
  • Absolutely huge save from Crawford on a late shot from Kopitar to seal the game.  Thank you sir.

Player of the Game:


Two goals and an assist tonight for the Shooter.  Hossa also deserves a nod..