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Morning Links - (10/10)

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A frustrating and thrilling home and home against Dallas, and we're back. 

  • The Blackhawks really, really don't want to have to depend on a team choking in the last game of the season again. [Tribune]
  • Well, they prevent that with more games like Saturday. Recaps. [Fifth Feather] [Tribune] [Blackhawks DL] [ESPN] [CSN] [Hockeenight] [Third Man In]
  • Bartl's Boxing. You know you want some. [Cheer The Anthem]
  • Dave Bolland's kind of a big deal. [ESPN] [CSN]
  • Brandon Saad is incredibly young. [CSN] [Sun-Times]
  • Andrew Brunette scores his first goal, likes playing with so much skill. [Tribune]
  • Pierre-Marc Bouchard gets a two game suspension for a high stick. Technically it is a head hit? [PD]
  • Every party needs a pooper, and Winnipeg got a little soiled last night. [TSN]
  • Late Additions:  Cimaglia has thoughts on this weekend. [MyFoxChicago]
  • So does Blackhawk Up [BH UP]