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Morning Links - (10/17)

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Your Monday signs and portents.

  • Recaps from Saturday's game. [CSN] [ESPN] [Tribune] [Fifth Feather] [Third Man In] [Sun-Times
  • Bartl's Boxing [Cheer the Anthem]
  • Patrick Kane is really, really good at hockey. [Tribune] [ESPN] [Sun-Times]
  • The power play is atrocious. [Sun-Times]
  • But at least Michael Frolik is contributing despite his offensive numbers. [Sun-Times]
  • Toews, Sharp, and Keith need to pick it up. [ESPN]
  • Brent Seabrook had a charity event to help low-income hockey kids with gear expenses, several players talk. [CSN]
  • Stan Bowman publicly supports Shanahan's crack-down. []
  • ETA: Cimaglia talks third period goals against and says 2 and 7 need to get back together. [MyFoxChicago]