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Morning Links - (10/5)

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Your Wednesday links with signings, extensions, and ill-advised CSN gimmick interviews. I'd speculate about how long Saad will be up or whether the back-up goalie discussion will ever cease, but in two days the season starts in earnest, providing actual facts. So here's to 82+ games well worth watching.

  • Brandon Saad got signed. [CSNChicago] [Tribune] [Sun-Times]
  • And with that, the 23-man roster is set. For now. [Tribune]
  • Stan Bowman got a three year contract extension and says he's still "real high" on Marcus Kruger. [Tribune] [Sun-Times]
  • Ben Smith has no ill will toward Brendan Smith. [Sun-Times]
  • Currell says chill out, Alexander Salak's better off in Rockford. [Cheer The Anthem]
  • Fels was on Third Man In Radio last night. [TTMI]
  • Yesterday was Blackhawks day on CSN. Highlights and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots here. [CSNChicago]
  • Q sat down with the defensemen and both goalies to go over "specifics". [ESPN]
  • Don't mess with a good uniform. [CSNChicago]
  • Chicago starts 6th in the Power Rankings. [ESPN]
  • An interesting look at winning face-offs on the Penalty Kill. []