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Morning Links - (12/12)

Daily Blackhawks news and league-wide notables.

  • Recaps and reflection on last night's win. [Tribune] [CSN] [Sun-Times] [ESPN] [] [Cheer The Anthem] [Third Man In]
  • ETA: Cimaglia on showing up for the third. [MyFoxChicago]
  • The top four forwards are putting up the numbers. [Sun-Times]
  • Chris Chelios is the greatest U.S. hockey player. [Tribune]
  • So thanks all for not booing him last night. [Sun-Times] [Tribune]
  • Seabrook's 500th game. [Tribune]
  • Duncan Keith has been contributing offensively. [Tribune]
  • Corey Crawford says he's taking it "shot by shot" [Sun-Times]
  • 85 Years has Darren Pang writing on Eddie Belfour. []
  • The new playoff system could be patently unfair, especially to the West. [Hockey Prospectus]
  • Terry Murray's job might be in jeopardy, which could be bad for the rest of the conference. [LA Times]
  • Hackel on Anisimov, and that amorphous hockey "code" frowning upon personality. []
  • You can look at "narrative" in hockey journalism with Hume's skepticism of causation, or you can admit that human comprehension requires story, even when we're just talking about lists of numbers. [Theory of Ice]