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Morning Links - (12/7)

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Daily Blackhawks news and league-wide notables.

  • The Blackhawks and Wirtz are quite pleased with realignment. [Tribune] [Sun-Times]
  • Q is quite pleased with Marcus Kruger's performance at 2C. [Sun-Times]
  • The Player of the Week is...who else? [Madhouse Enforcer]
  • Q and A with the Rockford GM. []
  • Jeremy Morin's had a pretty good week in Rock Vegas. []
  • Several Hawks high in the player power rankings. [Hockey Prospectus]
  • Friedman's 30 Thoughts on realignment and trade rumors. [CBC]
  • A children's treasury of counter-intuitive NHL divisions. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Bettman weighs in about fighting and CTE. []
  • Players say what happened to Boogaard is part of the price of the game. [Globe&Mail]
  • The league won't consider banning fighting. [Globe&Mail]
  • ETA: 85 Years has Yzerman on Jonathan Toews. []