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Who's Your John Druce?

Uh, less of this.
Uh, less of this.

We've done this all three years, so no reason to mess with tradition. For those who don't know, John Druce was a Capital for two years with only 16 goals to his name in that time, before busting out in the '90 playoffs from nowhere with 14 goals in 15 games. It will be even more vital this year that the Hawks get contributions from somewhere we don't see it coming from, otherwise they may just be too outgunned here. So we ask you...

Both McClure and I are in agreement here, and we're going to choose Vik Rattlehead. Yes, it's his first playoff, and yes he might not even get that much ice time, and yes he doesn't really have anyone to get him the puck so he's going to have to create all on his own. But Stals has really found a home on a line with Ryan Johnson, where all he has to do is play the simplest game possible. And playoff games are all about being simple, and if the Canucks get goofy with the puck in their own end, especially their bottom pairs which Stals will likely be getting shots against, I think he could make a lot happen. And I hope he does, not only because the Hawks need him to but because Viktor has really battled this season while not always producing.

I was tempted to go with Frolik, but seeing as how he's just a disappointing scorer, I'm not sure he qualifies.