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Still Not There - Canucks 4 - Blackhawks 3

Hockey... a sport of grace
Hockey... a sport of grace

Well, at least the Blackhawks were able to figure out the riddle that was Roberto Luongo.  After almost stealing the first game singlehandedly, it looked like we could get a repeat performance out of ol' Borat.  Didn't work out that way as the Hawks were able to find the back of the net 3 times in the final two frames.  Unfortunately, the Canucks did it in all three and grabbed the 2-0 series lead heading back to Chicago. 

There seem to be two reactions among everyone on the internets.  Plenty are ready to call this series over.  The Canucks have dominated long stretches of play and are capitalizing on every mistake.. and there have been more than a few. I can't blame these doom and gloomers.  Meanwhile, there are plenty of others that see games that have been closer than it may seem and realize the series shifts back home.  Luongo finally started to give up some rebounds in the second and third... hopefully that continues.

Anyways, lets just get right down to it:

  • Who the hell is Jannik Hansen and why is he absolutely murdering us? 
  • Not being able to clear the puck certainly helps make Hansen seem like a hero.  As we've seen far too many times this year, the Hawks struggled to get the puck out of their zone on multiple occasions.  And early on it bit them in the ass.  One of the Sedins, doesn't matter which, was able to pick the puck up low and feed it directly to Hansen who found soft ice all alone..
  • Ben Smith.  How about that?  Two goals, both off rebounds.  I think that maybe, kinda, sorta, could be a theme that the Hawks might want to look in to. 
  • The power play looked worse than Clown Shoes tonight... it looked like a monkey trying to fuck a clown's shoe.  
  • Umm.. 85 combined hits?  That seems juuuuuuust a little high.  It certainly was a physical game and as we expected, the Nucks aren't shying away from throwing plenty of hits.  Unfortunately, it seems only Brent Seabrook seems to want to respond... no matter how far out of position it'll put him. 
  • To be fair, Sharp had his fair share of physical play and took a stupid penalty because of it.
  • Giving up a goal in the first and last minute of the period... always a killer.
  • How excited were you when you saw Toews absolutely fly past about 3 Canucks to drive on the net?  He was once was going to win this game or die trying...
  • How disappointed are you now when you realize that was about the only time you'd notice him?  -1 and not a single SOG... more is needed Marvel
  • If anyone can explain what was going on the second goal from Sedin, doesn't matter which, I'd like to hear it.  Keith and Hossa gave him all the time and space in the world and it's no surprise it ended up in the back of the net... 
  • Is Stephane Waite a long lost Baldwin brother?
  • So.. are you one of the pessimists, ready to call it a series?  Or are you thinking the Hawks were close in both games?  Time will tell my friends.