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Not So Deep Thoughts, by Hack Jandy

After looking through the comments in the last thread, I figured that you guys could use a new canvas, but why not leave you with a few thoughts to take into it?

  • I know that some are curious as to how I'm reacting to the Troy Brouwer trade, so I'll just get right to it.  When I heard that Brouwer was dealt for a pick, I was disappointed, but not all that surprised.  I can't be mad at Stan Bowman for getting a first round pick for a guy that Joel Quenneville wasn't going to lock into a top six role.  If I'm frustrated with anyone here, it's Joel Quenneville, but I've gone through all that before.  I wish Brouwer the best as he heads to Washington.  Unfortunately, he may never get the opportunity to skate with players as talented as Kane and Toews for a full season, and thus, may never give me the chance to drop a big fat "I told you so" by scoring 30 goals in a season.  I hope I'm wrong though.
  • I would like to address a comment that I've seen a few times since TBrouw was dealt:

Stan Bowman just got a first round pick for a former seventh round pick.  Bravo, Sir.

Yeah, and as long as we're oversimplifying things to make them sound better, it's super duper wawaweewa awesome that Stan Bowman was crafty enough to trade a former 6th round pick for a 1st round (7th overall) pick in his deal for Rusty Olesz.  Oh wait....

  • I'm going to reserve judgement on Friday's moves until I see how Bowman's 22 piece puzzle turns out.  If one of the aforementioned 22 pieces is Brad Richards, I'll reserve judgement until I see what his deal looks like.  Listen, I'd love to have Brad Richards at the right price, but the Hawks are going to be competing with a handful of teams for his services, and some of those teams are almost certainly willing to pay him number 1 center money for a duration that might extend into his 40s.  Considering the competition, I seriously doubt that the Hawks can get Richards for something like 40 mil over 6 years, and if not, do we really want another end-of-career deal to add to the 2 we already have (and possibly 3 w/ Sharpie coming up for a new deal)?
  • While I'm reserving judgement, I'd like to note that the Hawks have traded their top 3 hitters over the past two years in Ladd, Byfuglien, and now Brouwer; Brouwer and Ladd especially are players that play with "smart edge," an attribute that is necessary on any cup contender.  Part of next year's 22 piece puzzle needs to include some smart edge to replace what's been lost, I'd like some at 2nd line left wing and somewhere on the fourth line as well.  And just so we're clear, Tomas Kopecky's fake tough guy act does not count as smart edge, so just let him keep walking.
  • Sam already addressed the departure of Brian Campbell, so I don't want to spend too much time on it, but I'd like to touch on a couple things in a different light.  I'll admit, I was not a Campbell fan during his first regular season with the Hawks.  I was frustrated by Soup's deficiencies in his own zone and I thought his contributions going the other way might not be worth the price tag.  That being said, I, along with many others, were won over in years 2 and 3 with his excellent two way play.  I don't care if I shouldn't feel bad for a guy who makes 7 million dollars a year (before taxes, of course), I feel bad for the way things started and ended for Soup in Chicago.  I'm sure that there is something to what Al Cimaglia wrote today as it pertains to why Campbell would waive his no trade clause to go to Florida.  Good luck in Florida Soup, I hope they slap an A (or maybe even a C) on your chest and that you're a successful part of Tallon's rebuild.
  • One thing I am enjoying about the Campbell trade is the ability to give the big Dikembe Mutombo finger wag to all you meatheads who pinned the Campbell signing on that [meddlesome, power hungry, Cubbie weasel] John McDonnough.  Oh I remember the conspiracy theories.  John McDonnough came in guns a blazin, ordering poor Dale Tallon against his will, to sign Brian Campbell (and Cristoball Huet) to those awful deals.  Well folks, unless this is the real life Manchurian Candidate, and McDonnough planted a chip in Uncle Dale's brain, I think it's time to absolve Mr. McDonnough of those crimes.
  • Those wearing the rose colored glasses are telling us that we give should give Rostislav Olesz a chance before we call for him to be bought out or buried in Rockford.  Look, I'm sure the one they call Rusty has some natural ability, but this is a guy that was a third liner on the worst team in the Eastern Conference.  Dale Tallon is still 26 million away from hitting the cap floor, and even he didn't want to waste a roster spot on the inflated cap hit of a former 7th overall pick.  Following this logic, you'll have to forgive me if I don't buy Rostislav Olesz as a top 6 forward on a team with cap space and cup aspirations.  I don't know if the Hawks intend to buy Olesz out (that is if Rocky approves it on top of his 62+ million dollar payroll, and Huet's 5.6 mildo), but if not, I hope he can give us something from a bottom 6 spot.
  • I think we may have more draft breakdown to come, but I thought I could at least list the Hawks 2011 draft picks so that you don't have to go searching round by round to see what went down this weekend. (picks after the jump)
18 Mark McNeill (C)  Canada Chicago Blackhawks Prince Albert Raiders (WHL)
26 Phillip Danault (LW)  Canada Chicago Blackhawks (from Washington)9 Victoriaville Tigres (QMJHL)
36 Adam Clendening (D)  United States Chicago Blackhawks (from Winnipeg)3 Boston University Terriers, (Hockey East)
43 Brandon Saad (LW)  United States Chicago Blackhawks (from Calgary via Toronto)7 Saginaw Spirit (OHL)
70 Michael Paliotta (D)  United States Chicago Blackhawks (from Toronto)6 US NTDP (USHL)
79 Klas Dahlbeck (D)  Sweden Chicago Blackhawks Linköpings HC (SEL)
109 Maxim Shalunov (RW)  Russia Chicago Blackhawks Chelyabinsk 2
139 Andrew Shaw (C)  Canada Chicago Blackhawks Owen Sound Attack (OHL)
169 Sam Jardine (D)  Canada Chicago Blackhawks Camrose Kodiaks (AJHL)
199 Alexander Broadhurst (C)  United States Chicago Blackhawks Green Bay Gamblers (USHL)
211 Johan Mattsson (G)  Sweden Chicago Blackhawks (from Boston)7 Sodertalje Jr. (SWE-Jr.)