Realignment in 2012-13?


So Bettman's proposing four divisions -- two with eight teams and two with seven teams...something like:


The Gary Conference

Central - Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Minnesota, Winnipeg, Toronto, Buffalo.

Northwest - Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, San Jose, L.A., Phoenix, Anaheim.

The Bettman Conference

Northeast - Rangers, Islanders, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Ottawa, New Jersey, Boston.

South - Tampa, Florida, Washington, Carolina, Nashville, St. Louis, Dallas, Colorado.

But, why not:


Clarence Campbell Conference - Columbus, Nashville, Toronto, Tampa, Florida, Washington, Carolina, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Montreal, Ottawa, New Jersey, Rangers, Islanders, Buffalo, Boston.

Prince of Wales Conference - Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, San Jose, L.A., Phoenix, Anaheim, Colorado, Minnesota, Dallas.



Clarence Campbell Conference

Patrick Division - Rangers, Islanders, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Washington. 

Adams Division - Montreal, Ottawa, New Jersey, Boston, Buffalo.

Esposito Division - Tampa, Florida, Carolina, Nashville, Dallas.


Prince of Wales Conference

Smythe DivisionVancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Minnesota, Winnipeg.

Gretzky Division  - San Jose, L.A., Phoenix, Anaheim, Colorado.

Norris Division - Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Toronto, St. Louis.  

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