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Morning Links (8/10)

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Your daily bullets of news (such as it is these days) and diversion. Five grand a head. No women, no kids.

  • A wrap-up of this summer's additions. [Sportsnet]
  • New feature with Andrew Brunette. [Sun Times]
  • Blackhawk Up's final grade of Stan Bowman's summer. [Blackhawk Up]
  • Adam Clendening and Stephen Johns make the USA U-20 cut. [Niagara Gazette] [NHL]
  • No seriously, DoG penalties are really stupid. [NBC Sports]
  • Chris Block has thoughts on everything that's gone down in the last week or so. [The Third Man In]
  • If the Blackhawks were a soccer team: someone designed Blackhawks football kit. [Gapers Block]
  • A look at off-season training. Ben Smith gets his pump on at 00:36. [Youtube]