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Morning Links (8/22)

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Your Monday news and diversion.  

  • "This sounds like one of them good problems." Patrick Sharp at center by the numbers. [Driving Play]
  • Ray Emery's pinning a lot on this training camp. [Sun-Times]
  • How the Blackhawks' strength and  training coach keeps up with players during the off-season. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Chris Campoli's situation, Chicago's promising Swedish net prospect. [Third Man In]
  • The ten best performances in team history. []
  • Hang on to your dreams 'til someone beats them out of you. The Globe on tragedies and triumphs of enforcers. [Globe and Mail]
  • ...which also discusses an upcoming documentary about that very subject. [Jigsaw Productions]
  • Defensive depth: it's preferable. [BH Up]
  • Tickets up at 10 a.m. []