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Morning Links (8/24)

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Doomsday health prognostications and features on electrolyte drinks: it's the offseason. Twenty-seven days until preseason, forty-four 'til the road opener.

  • Assistant GM Marc Bergerin feels they added personality, plus clarification on Chris Campoli. [Third Man In]
  • An updated top 20 Blackhawks prospects. The future is now, Nick Leddy. [Hockey's Future]
  • More on Patrick Kane's interview, wrist. Kuc has him saying he'll be healed well before the start of the season. [Chicago Tribune] [Sun Times] [ESPN] [PHT]
  • Take Q out to the ballgame. [CSNChicago]
  • Stanley Cup futures odds and speculation. 12/1 for Chicago. I'll take it. [Copper and Blue]
  • DGB on the remaining free agents. Fairly or not, Campoli is certainly cemented as turnover guy in fan lore and psyche. [Down Goes Brown]
  • Team favoritism on national TV is nothing new because human beings need money to live. [PD]
  • NHL players are replacing Gatorade with the amusingly monikered BioSteel. [Globe and Mail]
  • A fairly interesting visual compilation of shot placement. [Arctic Ice Hockey]