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Morning Links (8/3)

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The off-season has most of us scrambling for a personal theodicy to solve the problems both of evil and of less than satisfactory baseball. As we descend into the last month-and-a-half of true summer before training camp, I hope the new Morning Links will keep you significantly distracted, informed, and amused.

  • There will be a press conference to introduce Andrew Brunette and Daniel Carcillo Monday, August 8 at 11 a.m. CT []
  • More on Chris Chelios and Gary Suter being elected to the US Hockey Hall of Fame. [Chicago Tribune] [Daily Herald] [Sun Times] [ESPN]
  • Jeff Bartl on what aspects of the ‘10-‘11 season we’d like to see again in ‘11-’12. [Cheer The Anthem]
  • The Blackhawks payroll rises significantly. [The Third Man In
  • Days of Y’Orr "re-imagines" Blackhawks sweaters. [Days of Y’Orr] via [Blackhawks DL]
  • Rozner says we’ll like Carcillo once we get to know him. [Daily Herald]
  • Jamal Mayers helps get his former college coach hired. []
  • How Brendan Shanahan can be a consistent and effective head of discipline this year. [Copper and Blue]
  • If desperate, try Becoming Wild. A documentary about the Houston Aeros chronicles a couple of kids who helped save the Hawks’ playoff chances that one time. []
  • Also, Block with Huet and Sopel news, and some speculation regarding Bryan Bickell. [The Third Man In] (thanks Hjammertime)