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Morning Links (8/5)

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While nobody's quite ready to say we're all one microscopic cog in Stan Bowman's catastrophic plan, the productive free-agency period, the signing of Patrick Sharp, and the back-up goalie insurance has to have fans breathing a little easier. The dog day stretch until camp/pre-season/actual news should pass with minimum angst.

  • A pretty harrowing story about Ray Emery's injury and recovery. [Sporting News]
  • Alexander Salak and Emery: there can be only one. [Chicago Tribune] [Sun Times]
  • The fourth part of a series projecting the Central Division. [Blackhawk Up]
  • David Perron, concussions, and a prospect lab testing some rule changes. [SI] via Legendary
  • John Scott wants to contribute more on offense. []
  • Fels on the benefits of a locked up core. [Madhouse Enforcer]
  • How good is the KHL? An interesting piece on shifting equivalencies. [Puck Worlds]