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High Hawk Season - Morning Links (9/16)

I wish I had something meaningful to say about terrible summers and clean slates and the promise inherent in starting a new season, but it's Friday of what may have been the longest week ever and Training Camp starts tomorrow.

  • Yesterday was Blackhawks Day on WGN. All the best bits of video here. [WGNTV]
  • Brent Seabrook wants a hard stance on headshots. [CSNChicago]
  • BHTV will stream both the training camp festival and the first pre-season game against Edmonton. []
  • Kuc has picks for the storylines of the season. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Looking at what Viktor Stalberg might contribute. [Third Man In]
  • Responsibility for this team squarely lies with Stan Bowman now. [Sun-Times]
  • Fels previews Corey Crawford. [Madhouse Enforcer]
  • Rocky Wirtz on Patrick Sharp, the off-season changes. [ESPNChicago]
  • Punch Broadbent or go home. [Arctic Ice Hockey]