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Morning Links - (9/26)

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Make one tiny comment about trying Patrick Kane at center and the internet implodes. It's almost as if they don't care that the Rockford Icehogs forced a full complement of Scum veterans to a pre-season shoot-out yesterday. Speaking of the shoot-out, if I never ever hear about "Bertuzzi's soft touch between the legs" again, it will be too soon. 

  • Recaps and thoughts from Sunday's bout in Detroit. [] [Third Man In] [ESPN]
  • The Patrick Kane at center experiment. That is the sound of inevitability, Mr. Krüger. [Trib] [Sun-Times] [CSNChicago] []
  • Steve Montador is getting used to Chicago, hungry to win. [Trib] [Sun-Times]
  • Andrew Brunette thinks this is his best chance to win it all. [Trib]
  • Corey Crawford is probably really sick of the sophomore slump question, but I'm with Hedger: "unflappable" is a great word to describe him these days. []
  • Emery and Salak think Crow's pretty cool too. [Sun-Times]
  • Brendan Shanahan lays the Shanhammer on Boyes. Wiz and Staubitz have hearings today. [] [Globe and Mail]
  • Five or six teams are using advanced statistics to gain insight and make decisions. [Globe and Mail]