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Morning Links - (9/28)

Scum rematch at home tonight at 7:30 CT, and this time with a semi-legitimate NHL roster, as Marian Hossa and Patrick Kane make their pre-season debuts. Corey Crawford is in net for the full game, which leaves Friday for Ray Emery's chance to bring his best and win the back-up spot. The game will be televised on Versus as well as locally so hockey fans nationwide can enjoy the centering of Patrick Kane and hopefully no social justice-related incident.

  • Game Preview. []
  • Kane will center Hossa and Andrew Brunette this evening. [CSNChicago]
  • Q says Bryan Bickell needs to pick it up. [Sun-Times]
  • Kane and Hossa's debut, Patrick Sharp's been skating. [Trib]
  • Alexander Salak is happy with his performance this camp. [Sun-Times]
  • A pretty thorough rundown of the camp battles still remaining. [Trib]
  • TTMI Radio talks Kings, who, if Drew Doughty comes around, are probably going to be beastly. [Third Man In]
  • What should we make of Rusty Olesz? [Madhouse Enforcer]
  • BHDL thinks the onus is on biters, trollers, and unfortunate facial hair growers. [Blackhawks DL]
  • Wayne Simmonds faces no discipline after being caught saying a gay-bashing slur. [PD]