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Morning Links - (1/30)

"Guys, it's really not that funny. Guys!"
"Guys, it's really not that funny. Guys!"

Daily Blackhawks news and other league-wide notables.

  • All-Star Game highlights. []
  • Brendan Morrison is a Blackhawk now. (Raspberry Beret? Fantastic, Scott13) [] [Cheer the Anthem] [CSN] [Third Man In]
  • With a massive road trip up next, it's time to get down to business and defeat the Huns. [Tribune] [CSN]
  • Help arrives in the form of Jonathan Toews, expected to play Tuesday. []
  • Which is probably why Jimmy Hayes was sent back down to Rockford. [ESPN] [CBS]
  • Buccigross ranks the top 100 active NHLers, and the Captain comes in at #2. Several other Blackhawks make the list. [ESPN]
  • Thrill as, once again, the Puckcast delivers. [Hockeenight]
  • What's the deal with Sidney Crosby's C1 and C2 vertebrae, and why is that related to concussion? [The Score]
  • Even I think this is cool. Game by game charts for every player showing Fenwick ratio, Goal ratio, and Offensive Zone Start percentage. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • ETA: Cimaglia on the busy weekend. [MyFoxChicago]