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Morning Bag Skate 10/22

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Lockout day 38. 67 games lost. $95,958,884.18 lost in total salary. Guess who's not coming to dinner?

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Jonathan Daniel

Breakup the IceHogs. One in a row! (IceHogs)

Can Saad end up back in the OHL? Check out that sexy quote at the bottom! (Saginaw News)

Ben Eager, once a meathead always a meathead! (Puck Daddy)

Fehr outlines the NHLPA's proposals (Toronto Star)

Daly says the framework is there, so how about some real negotiations? (Globe and Mail)

Going to have to do better than just a phone call (Sporting News)

Stanley Cup's trustees are failing it's fans (Silver Seven)

Leafs fans better hope this doesn't happen, we've all seen how Bobby Lu wets himself in O6 cities! (Sportsnet)