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Morning Bag Skate 10/24

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Lockout day 40. 79 games lost. $113,136,457.96 in total salary lost. Stubbornness is winning, we are all losing.

Jonathan Daniel

Patrick Kane to play in Friday night's charity game (ESPN Chicago)

Who's next to go to Europe? (Rant Sports)

Video look inside the IceHogs locker room (Blackhawks)

Rockford sends Ben Youds to Toledo (ECHL)

Brian Campbell voices his opinion on openly gay athletes (Miami New Times)

Owners up to some dirty tricks (TSN, Sporting News, Pro Hockey Talk)

The 2 sides can't even agree to meet. Going to be a very long winter. (ESPN)

Good and bad signs of the CBA (Down Goes Brown)

KHL players of the week (The Hockey Writers)