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Morning Bag Skate 10/30

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Lockout day 46. 113 games lost. $161,949,834.18 total salary lost. The madness continues....

Jonathan Daniel

A look at the normal Carter Hutton (Blackhawks)

Brandon Saad and Nick Leddy are nursing injuries (Bleacher Report)

Andrew Ladd to play in charity games in the Peg (Winnipeg Sun)

Winter Classic could be cancelled as early as Thursday. Biggest bunch of hard headed morons I've ever seen! (TSN, Pro Hockey Talk)

Stop me if you have heard this one before but there are no plans to meet (ESPN)

The lockout explained with beer (YouTube)

A look at what is going on in the KHL (SB Nation)

NBC makes a deal with the EPL, what does that mean for the NHL? (SB Nation)

Be Gary Bettman for Halloween and do whatever you want (Puck Daddy)