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Morning Bag Skate 11/14

Lockout day 60. 213 games lost. $306,609,386.66 in total salary lost. All I want for Christmas is my NHL back!

Jonathan Daniel

CSN to air classic Blackhawks games starting this Friday night (Chicago Now)

WGN teaming up with the Blackhawks to host a food drive (WGN)

The Beach boys are live in Rockford tonight (Register Star)

Good ole JR and his hatred for Patrick Mareau (Mercury News)

Andrew Ladd repeats 2010 by owning Mike Richards yet again (Winnipeg Free Press)

LeBurn's take on the lockout (ESPN)

Mark Recchi tells players to get back to work (Fox Sports)

Things overheard at the HOF ceremonies (Down Goes Brown)

This should be no shock considering this is the same state the gave us Rick Santorum and Jerry Sandusky! (Sporting News)