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Morning Bag Skate 12/21

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Lockout day 97. 463 games lost. $666,395,629.44 lost in total salary. Not even the Mayans could save the NHL from this embarrassment!

Russell LaBounty-US PRESSWIRE
Blackhawks brass helping out this holiday season. What else do they have to do these days? (Daily Herald)

IceHogs hosting Stan Mikita night on Saturday (IceHogs)

NHL cuts games through Jan 14th (TSN)

Leburn weighs in on speculation of mid January (ESPN)

Could we see more sign and trades in the NHL? (USA Today)

Team USA beats Sweden in a WJC warm up (BC Interruption)

Canada receives a wake up call from Finland (TSN)

Derick Brassard causing a stir in Europe (Columbus Dispatch)