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Morning Bag Skate 12/27

Lockout day 103. 498 games lost. $716,323,483.73 lost in total salary. Looks like the boobs in DC have adopted the NHL way of negotiations!

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Jonathan Daniel

Patrick Kane owns Cory Schneider in Europe (You Tube)

A look at former Blackhawk Phil Housely coaching Team USA at the WJC (The Hockey News)

Chicago Wolves owner eager to own a Seattle NHL team (Pro Hockey Talk)

Blackhawks prospect Maxim Shalunov takes a bad penalty that leads to game tying goal in WJC and earned a one game suspension (You Tube)

Box scores from the first day of the WJC (FIN/LAT, CAN/GER, SWE/CZE, RUS/SLO)

10 ways the NHL can recover from the lockout (ESPN)

The lockout is not doing much for minor league hockey attendance (USA Today)

Red Wings owe Detroit millions in unpaid cable debt (Detroit News)

With no games being played, the Phoenix Coyotes might actually turn a profit! (Puck Daddy)