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Morning Links 2/13

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  • The Blackhawks expect to learn from the 8 game losing streak. [Tribune]
  • Here's an extensive interview with Q where he says again, some more, that they'll tighten up the defense. [Tribune]
  • Tracey Myers says something has to change. [CSN]
  • Those calling for the firing of Q, Rogers is with you. Sort of. It's either that or Nikolai Khabibulin, apparently. [ESPN]
  • Frustrations are running high. [CSN]
  • Cimaglia on what sorts of desperate measures might be coming. [MyFoxChicago]
  • The Hawks are free-falling down the standings, but after a couple of bad games at the dot, Jonathan Toews won 69% of draws. So there's that. [ESPN]
  • Put 27 in the rafters? [The Score]
  • Let the Puckcast soothe your troubled mind. [Hockeenight]
  • At least the Ice Hogs have won one of their last two. [Third Man In]
  • WIIM lays out the Central Division battle royale. [Winging It In Motown]
  • Why is "things happen fast out there" considered a valid excuse for bad hits but not any other kind of mistakes? E on milliseconds and responsibility. [The Score]
  • Prospects may be the thing to trade this year. [Globe&Mail]
  • The Globe suggests Khabibulin as well. [Globe&Mail]
  • This high school kid's goal is absolutely ridiculous. [Deadspin]