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Morning Links 3/16

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  • Going to Dallas. [] [CSN] [Tribune] [ESPN] [Daily Herald]
  • Could be a first round playoff preview. [CSN]
  • Things are still touchy re: the brain of Jonathan Toews. He won't travel. Hjalmarsson will. [Tribune] [CSN] [ESPN]
  • He talks about his setback here. [Sun-Times]
  • Corey Crawford's starting. [Tribune]
  • Goalie Carter Hutton is coming up from Rockford. []
  • These Chicago Express sweaters win the St. Patrick's Day gimmick competition. [PD]
  • Bettman on the GM meetings. Warning for autoplay video. []
  • How is hybrid icing working at the college level? [SBNation]
  • Bourne thinks it's better to rotate As than to fake a C on a guy who doesn't have the necessary qualities. Haha, remember everything from about 1996 to 2007? Good times. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Sidney Crosby's back again. Good to see. [CBC]
  • Street legal zamboni. [B Shelf]
  • If you want to watch the Frozen Four, you're going to have to brave ESPN. Schedule and relevant info. [ESPN]