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Morning Links 3/2

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  • Going to Ottawa. [] [Tribune]
  • Toews isn't traveling, still day-to-day with "no timeline" for recovery. [CSN] [Tribune]
  • The core has to step up now. [CSN]
  • Crawford's not been good. Ray Emery's starting tonight. [Tribune] [ESPN]
  • Excellent Verdi column on Stu Grimson. []
  • CtA scouts Oduya with Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press. [Cheer the Anthem]
  • A misuse-of-Vertical Horizontal Stance epidemic has made some problems for goalies. [Goalie Guild]
  • Gary Bettman reveals three mistakes, talks about fighting a lot. [PD]
  • Now Saskatoon wants a team. [TSN]
  • Yet another "ethical considerations of breaking sports news on social media" article. [Globe&Mail]
  • Don't drink and re-surface ice, kids. [PD]
  • ETA: The Goalie Guild says Ray Emery or bust. [Goalie Guild]