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Morning Links 3/23

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  • Still unclear, but Duncan Keith's suspension might be longer than we thought. [CSN] [TSN] [Tribune] [Sun-Times]
  • Here's a solid breakdown of the things Shanahan is probably going to consider. [Globe&Mail]
  • Puck Daddy has a good roundup of the politics involved. [PD]
  • Crawford might be returning to some kind of form. [CSN]
  • The PK is competent too. [Tribune]
  • Bob Verdi writes on Eddie Belfour leading up to Ed Belfour Heritage Night. []
  • New TTMI podast. [Third Man In]
  • No one can draft goalies. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Gary Bettman's ready to rumble/negotiate a new contract. [Globe&Mail]
  • Yeah I know, but this Pavel Datsyuk interview really is awesome. [PD]
  • Hockey as instrument for social change in Kuujjuaq. [YahooSports]
  • AIH designates "good" hitters as those who can hit on the road without drawing penalties. [Arctic Ice Hockey]