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Morning Links 3/9

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~Tell the world I'm coming home.~
~Tell the world I'm coming home.~
  • Game previews. [CSN] [Tribune] []
  • Playing an O6 team is always special. [CSN]
  • No. No one's going to fight John Scott. [CSN]
  • Five questions with Dylan Olsen. [ESPN]
  • Patrick Kane is a leader. [CSN]
  • Toews feels good after a skate, Hjalmarsson might join in against the Rangers tonight, Crawford "[has] no clue what Joel's thinking". [Tribune]
  • You can watch the morning skate at 10:30 if you're into that. [CSN]
  • Ben Smith is out 4 months with hip and hernia surgery. [] [MyFoxChicago]
  • Baker takes on this week in the NHL, including why good scouting is necessary but not sufficient. [Grantland]
  • Problems with shot-blocking. [Coincidental Minors]
  • A look at performance in back to back games. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • Did taking out the red line hurt players and the game? [PD]
  • Mike Green gets a call from Shanahan. [Backhand Shelf]