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Morning Links 5/18

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/ Getty Images)
Getty Images
  • Marcus Kruger's season in review. [CSN]
  • Brendan Morrison's season. [Blackhawk Up]
  • BMo considers retirement. [CSN]
  • The US, Canada, and Sweden get ousted at Worlds. [Tribune] [CSN] [Puck Worlds]
  • Best. Eighth seed. Ever. [Tribune] [Globe]
  • Dustin Brown's increase in scoring is due to Jeff Carter and line consistency. [PD]
  • The Oilers are letting Renney go. [Tribune] [Globe]
  • Tippett complains about diving like you do when your entire team is bastions of honesty. [Globe]
  • Shea Weber sounds off, "betrayed" by Radulov. [Examiner]
  • Martin Brodeur said some mean stuff about shooting to hurt. [Globe]
  • Colin Cowherd works for ESPN, knows nothing about hockey. [Awful Announcing]
  • Memorial Cup preview, if you're into that CHL thing. [Copper&Blue]
  • Earliest known picture of a hockey player, from 1797. [PHT]