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Morning Links 5/24

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Toews: I really hate that Man (Mike Smith)
Toews: I really hate that Man (Mike Smith)

For all you young hockey players out there; represent your country: (CSN)

Breakdown of Jamal Mayers:(CSN)

Video of the Toews season breakdown:(CSN)

A game 5 recap from the Rangers side: (BB)

From the Devils perspective:(ILWT)

A nice piece on the late Brad McCrimmon: (SN)

More proof Don Cherry isn't the voice of most Canadians: (GnM)

The fourth line is making the difference for NJD: (TSN)

The Great One speaks: (GnM)

NHL 13 screenshots and teaser trailers: (OPS)

Wow...its 2012: (PD)