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Morning Links 5/4

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  • Marian Hossa is slowly recovering. [] [CSN] [Tribune]
  • Raffi Torres will be appealing his 25 game suspension. [CSN] [Tribune] [PD]
  • Jack Johnson is Team USA's captain. [Dark Blue Jacket]
  • Ryan Getzlaf captains Team Canada. [CBC]
  • Friedman's latest 30 Thoughts. [CBC]
  • A fascinating interview on ESPN's view of hockey as marketable commodity. [Sherman Report] [PD]
  • Kris Versteeg went in for hip surgery. [Globe&Mail]
  • The Blues seem to be on their way out. [CBC]
  • The USA beats France 7-2 to open IIHF Worlds. []
  • A rec league player gets one year in prison for attacking and concussing a ref. [The Star]