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Morning Links 5/7

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Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE
Rob Grabowski-US PRESSWIRE
  • CSN reviews Duncan Keith's season. [CSN]
  • The very same Duncan Keith tied the game for Canada at Worlds, but the USA won in overtime. [CSN]
  • CtA has an end-of-season review of Andrew Shaw. [Cheer the Anthem]
  • and for Andrew Brunette. [CtA]
  • Speculation that Montreal may be considering Joel Quenneville as coach. Autoplay warning. [CBC Hotstove]
  • Here's at scoring chances per goalies in the first round, focusing on Crawford and Smith. [CBS]
  • Suggested as followup to that, an old article on shot quality as it relates to goalie save percentage, and how Sv% stays pretty consistent as goalies switch teams. []
  • Yes, the Blues have been swept. [CSN] [Tribune] [Globe]
  • Aparently Bettman is going to announce owners for the Coyotes. [Globe]
  • Should Claude Giroux get supplementary discipline for this hit to the head of Dainus Zubrus? [Backhand Shelf] [PD]
  • Alex Burrows unfortunately suffered a head injury at Worlds and may have a concussion. [Pass It To Bulis]
  • There's been a massive increase in blocked shots in the past couple of years. [Globe]
  • What exactly makes up the NHL replacement player? [FtF]
  • Students are getting punished for their racist tweets about Joel Ward. [PD]
  • DBG on the 2012 IIHF World Championships. [Down Goes Brown]