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Morning Links 6/1

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images
  • Sharp sticks up for Patrick Kane. [CSN] [Sun-Times] [Tribune]
  • CSN breakdown of Dave Bolland. [CSN]
  • The five most impressive Stanley Cup Final performances. []
  • Stan calls replacing Haviland, an apparent player favorite, "crucial". [Sun-Times]
  • JR on Tony Amonte. []
  • Bettman hopes for a swift end to the CBA negotiations and claims that concussions are down. [CSN]
  • It's been a pleasure, Nick Lidstrom. Would've been even nicer if so much of your career didn't involve kicking Blackhawks' teeth in. [PD]
  • The cap is set at 70.3 million, but only until September 15th, so who knows? [Globe]
  • Kerry Fraser on the trapezoid, Jordan Rule-esque treatment of stars, and more. [Illegal Curve]
  • Flames hire Hartley. [Globe]
  • How home scorer bias affects goalie legacy. []
  • EE ruminates on the Catch-22 of commenting on While the Men Watch. [Backhand Shelf]