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Morning Links 6/18

We hardly knew ye.
We hardly knew ye.
• Stan should tweak the roster. [CSN]

• Salak waived [CSN] [Tribune]

• Scouting Director Mark Kelley talks the Draft. []

• The Royal Half makes his debut appearance on the PuckCast. [Hockeenight]

• In what new and exciting ways is this year's NHL Awards going to be awkward? [PD]

• The NHL plans to take over the Devils from Vanderbeek. [NYP]

• The Lightning overpaid for Anders Lindback. [Backhand Shelf]

• This is an outstanding exit interview with Nicklas Lidstrom. [Freep]

• So does Evander Kane want out of Winnipeg? [Puck Drunk Love] [PHT]

• You Can Play notwithstanding, the culture of uniformity in hockey will make it hard for a gay player to come out. [PD]

• DGB takes you behind the scenes at the auditions for NHL Awards host. [Down Goes Brown]