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Morning Links 6/19

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So do we have company?
So do we have company?

The Beat's take: (Trib) (CSN) (ESPN)

Block: (TTMI)

Wait and Hope: (FOX)

So the NHL owns another team? (TSun)

Phil Housley was announced as the new coach of the United States World Junior team: (USAH)

Final Draft Ranking: (TSN) (GnM) (TStar) (DGB)

Players on the rise:(SN)

Pre-Draft Speculation: (TSN)

Goalies rarely go in the first round: (EJ)

Its hard to get picks right:(MG)

Canucks offer Corey Schneider a new qualifying offer:(TP)

Doug Wilson is giving Todd MccLellan another chance: (SJMN)

For GM's finding a Work-Life Balance is toughest of all: (OS)

Five New Awards that would be cool:(PD)

This is kind of sad/yet hilarious (TP)