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Morning Links 6/25

Wingardium Teuviosa.
Wingardium Teuviosa.
  • Blackhawks front office is a GM factory or something. [CSN] [Tribune]
  • The Blackhawks have more back-to-backs than anyone next season. [CSN]
  • How about this Teuvo Teravainen? [CSN] [CSN2] [Sun-Times] [Daily Herald]
  • Brandon Saad's determined to stick this year. [CSN]
  • Each draft pick with accompanying blurb. [Sun-Times] [Tribune]
  • Yes, Chris Calnan is Jeremy Roenick's nephew. [Sun-Times]
  • Hockeenight's draft recap. [Hockeenight]
  • Everyone, including Chicago, wants this Justin Schultz guy. [CBC]
  • Luongo declined to waive his NTC to go to either Toronto or Chicago. Sorry kids. [PHT]
  • The ten most awkward NHL Draft rookie photos. [PD]
  • DGB on the 2012 Hall of Fame candidates. [Down Goes Brown]