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Morning Links 6/5

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Fraser: Remember 2010? This side is way better
Fraser: Remember 2010? This side is way better

Sean O'Donnell wants to keep playing, it probably wont be for the Hawks:(CSN)

Darryl Sutter Fueling the Kings fire:(ST)


Holding all the cards: (SN)

The Great One returns and the PA guy at Staples forgot when he arrived the first time:(PD)

(Video) Hey at least its not Jim Belushi!...Will Ferrell says Kings in 5: (NHL)

(Video) CBC's Game 3 Montage #RHCP (SCORE)

Dustin Brown take note:(DGB)

The Canadiens probably hired Michel Therrien:(SN)

Tomas Vokoun is now a Penguin:(TSN)

Glendale will give the "Arizona" Coyotes 15 million a year:(GnM) (AZR)

Did Edmonton "Fail for Nail" (TSN)

Lokomotiv rebuilding:(Tsun)