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Morning Links 8/15

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  • Never fear, Brandon Bollig's headed to Chicago to continue CBA talks. [CSN]
  • The NHLPA's offer is in Bettman's hands. [Tribune] [CSN] [PD] [Globe] [SI] [CBC]
  • Current Blackhawks will rewrite records. []
  • Dennis Hull on the MPH line. Autoplay. []
  • The Dirty Dozen #9. [Blackhawk Up]
  • The NHL-CHL transfer agreeement has expired. Junior players might be eligible for the AHL. [Broadstreet Hockey]
  • CBA talks affect free agents. [THN]
  • Preliminary qualification for Sochi starts with Serbia v. Israel. [IIHF]
  • Could Cheechoo rise again in Arizona? [FFH]
  • Part 1 of the Hockey News predictions for the season. [THN]