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Morning Links 8/24

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  • Brandon Saad and Garret Ross would love to play together again. []
  • Ab McDonald talks Mikita and Hull. Autoplay. []
  • Dirty Dozen #3. [Blackhawk Up]
  • Talks continue, nothing happens, etc. [Tribune] [SI]
  • "We believe we are paying the players more than we should be." [PD]
  • Mike Keenan wants to return to coaching in the NHL. []
  • A competition metric based on ice time. [NHLNumbers] Chicago forward use here [NHLNumbers] or all teams here if you fancy. [NHLNumbers]
  • In the event of a lockout, players won't be going to the SEL. [Kukla's Korner]
  • When "the greatest fans in the world" isn't benign cliche. [Broadstreet Hockey]
  • Limiting term is a bad idea. [THW]
  • Remember the Whalers! [Backhand Shelf]
  • Weed and heroin probably won't make you better at hockey. [Battle of Cali]
  • "The Salary Cap and You" Despite Igor or whatever's distinct lack of timing, a funny conceit, especially the Blackhawks portion. Warning for dog feces. [Youtube]