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Morning Links 9/10

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  • Catching up with Marcus Kruger. []
  • Perhaps the AHL can save our sanity. [ESPN]
  • Raffi Torres repents. [CSN]
  • PuckCast! [Hockeenight]
  • Owners break word. [NYPost]
  • Local kid Al Montoya has an angry jet mask. [Arctic Ice Hockey]
  • The three Junior players charged with sexual assault return to their team. [USAToday]
  • Ten things that are only okay when our team/fans does/do it. [Hooked on Hockey]
  • Quebec law might prevent a Canadiens lockout. [Globe] [TSN]
  • This gut thinks the NHL needs a lockout to survive. [Broad Street Buzz]
  • The 70s Canadiens may have dominated because the 1967 Expansion rules protected their young talent. [Lowtide]
  • This is my last week as the purveyor of your morning links. I tell you what, it's been a hoot.