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Signing Off

I hate goodbyes.
I hate goodbyes.

It's been a while since I've done this (April 20th to be exact), but I'm told that writing an SCH post is like riding a bike. Come to think of it, I honestly have not ridden a bike in like 10 years, which is a sad commentary on my indoorsy existence. Nonetheless, it's good to be able to address the SCH community one more time before the Triumvirate moves on to the new site.

As was mentioned when McClure announced the move, I will not be joining the TOS at the new Committed Indian site. I'm sure the timing of all of this seems curious - me no longer writing for SCH/CI at the same time that other changes are occurring. It's important for the SCH readers to know that I was asked by Fels, McClure, and Killion to be a partner in their new venture, and that I turned them down. Even before I knew about the new site, I was pretty certain that I would give up my SCH post before the start of the 2012-13 hockey season.

I'm beyond grateful to the guys for inviting me to write for them two years ago, and I'm disappointed that I feel the need to throw away the opportunity that's been given to me. Truth be told, I've got some things in both my professional and personal life that require more attention than, due to my own limitations, I am able to give while concurrently writing for the CI site. I've made the decision that staying on in a very limited capacity wouldn't be fair to TOS considering all of the hard work they they have, and will continue to, put into their site.

While I won't be writing posts any longer, you can bet that I'll be heading over to the new site as a commenter, and that I'll still be somewhat of a presence in the community moving forward. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank not only the TOS, but all of the loyal SCH/CI readers. A special thanks to those of you who have enjoyed my particular brand of hockey humor & "analysis", and have inspired and encouraged me to meet the SCH standard of care. The TOS has been gracious to leave the door open for me if I ever get my shit together and decide that I want to blog again. In the meantime, you'll occasionally read my thoughts in the CI gameday guest columns, including the upcoming one in this Thursday's Bears-Packers issue.

Thanks again.