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Morning Links 9/13

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  • Talks go nowhere. Bettman affirms the final deadline. [CSN] [Sun-Times] [TSN]
  • What did the two sides propose Thursday and what does it mean? [Globe]
  • Local businesses will be hurting in the event of a lockout. [CSN]
  • Winners and losers from 2005. [NHLNumbers]
  • Denis Sokolov survives a cut to the carotid artery. [PD]
  • Colaiacovo gets a two year deal from the Red Wings. That'll do her. [WIIM]
  • Luongo is okay with staying in Vancouver if no trade is made. []
  • Take the opportunity of the lockout to eliminate trap-like play. [THW]
  • Forbes take on "predatory lockout loans". [Forbes]
  • Troy Brouwer gets extended by the Capitals. There is debate about his Top Six worthiness. [Japers Rink]
  • Then there was that one time that Bain Capital tried to buy the entire NHL. [PD]
  • Edmonton won't be allocating more taxpayer dollars to a new arena. [Globe]