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Morning Links 9/14

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  • Lockout imminent. [CSN] [Globe]
  • Future uncertain for Bollig, others. [CSN]
  • Tony Esposito on his 15 shutout season. Autoplay. []
  • Bettman says a lot of questionable stuff. []
  • This guy thinks we shouldn't be throwing lockout blame. [SBN]
  • Players are "frustrated". [ESPN]
  • Ken Dryden on the conflict. [Globe]
  • A ton of players were placed on waivers so they could play in the AHL. [ESPN]
  • Shane Doan is reportedly choosing between the Coyotes and the Canucks. [PD]
  • Relocation from an owner perspective. [Pardini]
  • The KHL is pretty much going to let any NHLer with a pulse come play. [Backhand Shelf]
  • Gary said lock you out. [Down Goes Brown]