2013-14 Blackhawks SPG

Let's have some fun this season by playing some SPG.

I am sure some of you guys remember the Pick SPG site that is now long gone.  I was thinking about bringing back the game for the 2013-14 Blackhawks season.  "Hey Greg, what exactly is SPG?" Well I am glad you asked! SPG is a very easy game to play along with each Hawks game this season, far less in depth and time consuming than fantasy hockey.

The rules are very simple.  For each game, you should predict which Hawks' player will: 1. Take the first shot on goal, 2. Get called for the first penalty, and 3. Score the first goal. You will make these choices for all three periods and overtime before the start of each game.  You will receive 1 point for each correct guess and a bonus 2 points for any period where you have all three guesses correct.

I have created the 2013-14 Chicago Blackhawks SPG Google Group for us to post our picks and keep track of the standing so we don't clutter up the site.  Just click the link and ask to join and you are in! To sweeten the deal, the fine folks over at The 500 Level will be giving a free shirt to the weekly high scorer every week of the season! Please check out their site. I have the Marian Hossa "Game 5 celebration" shirt and I love it! We can also discuss a prize pool for the overall season standings within the group.

I hope all of you participate at some point this season, at the very least to get some free swag!