2013 Blackhawks Report Cards: Brent Seabrook

Today we put Biscuit under the SCH microscope.

Standard Regular Season Stats

47 8 12 20 8 12 23 5 3 0 1 8 0 4 65 12.3 1034 22:00

Advanced Regular Season Stats (5 on 5)

G A FirstA Points Shots iFenwick iCorsi ShPct G/60 A/60 FirstA/60 Points/60 Shots/60 iFenwick/60 iCorsi/60 IGP IAP IPP
4 5 2 9 39 55 96 10.26 0.313 0.392 0.157 0.7 3.05 4.306 7.516 12.1 15.2 27.3

Standard Playoff Stats

23 3 1 4 2 -1 4 3 0 0 2 39 7.7 531 23:05

Advanced Playoff Stats (5 on 5)

GP TOI/60 Corsi Rel QoC Corsi QoC Corsi Relative Corsi On On-Ice Sh% On-Ice Sv% PDO Pens Taken/60 Pens Drawn/60 Off Zone Start % Off Zone Finish %
23 18.12 0.509 -3.692 -0.6 11.08 5.43 939 994 0.3 0.1 55.3 46

Pat Foley called him Mr. Overtime during the Blackhawks Rally in Grant Park on Friday and I assume he was grinning under all that facial hair. For some reason Brent Seabrook didn’t shave his playoff beard after winning the Stanley Cup. Maybe he likes how it looks, but it was a hot day and I can’t imagine he was very comfortable. After his introduction he walked over and took his place beside his teammates. He didn’t step up to the podium and address the mass of people who assembled to celebrate another Cup win. It’s not surprising he didn’t make a speech; Seabs is normally not too outspoken in public. However, according to Coach Q and his teammates, he is very vocal in the locker room and on the ice. Seabrook is an experienced player who constantly strives to not only better his game, but the game of his teammates, and even though he doesn’t wear an A on his sweater, he continuously displays a unique leadership style.

Seabrook had a roller coaster of a season but in his typical fashion pulled out huge plays when needed and played a major role, on and off the ice, in the Blackhawks acquiring their second Stanley Cup in four years. He had a sluggish regular season and didn’t look nearly as ready to play as some others after the lockout was finally over. In February he took what looked like an excruciating painful puck to the groin area during a game against the Kings, and missed the next game versus the Canucks with a lower body injury. He bounced back a lot quicker than expected (and way quicker than any basketball player would have). February was over all a pretty bad month for Seabs. He not only took that awful shot to the groin but a few days earlier, while attempting to block a pass during a game against Anaheim he ended up sending the puck past Crawford and into the Hawks net, the Ducks wound up winning that game 3 to 2 in a shootout. Seabrook tallied a total of 8 goals and 12 assists in the regular season playing 47 games.

Coach Q ended up separating Seabrook from his long time defensive partner, Duncan Keith in late March and paired Seabs with Nick Leddy. Seabs and Dunc would not be reunited until May during the playoffs in the Detroit series. Coach Q showed his displeasure with Seabs’ lack luster play at the start of that series and cut Seab’s ice time, a lot. Seabrook averaged 21:59 during the regular season, but was on the ice for only 17:07 and 12:03 in games 3 and 4 of the Detroit series. At first trying to say it was a strategy for line match-ups, Q eventually admitted it was basically a time out for Seabs and said decisions were "usually" performance based. After their reunion Seabs seemed to get recharged in Game 5. In that game, Seabs had some great hits and passes. He put the puck on goal 7 times and earned his first point of the playoffs with a secondary assist for Shaw’s power play goal in the second period.

He scored the game winning, overtime goal in game 7 against Detroit to clinch the conference semi-finals, which was a perfect time to end his 7 game goal drought. He would come up again huge tying the Boston series at 2 with another game winning goal in overtime of game 4 of the Cup Final; both colossal goals for his confidence and the team. He totaled only 3 goals and 1 assist in the playoffs, but two of those goals were two of the biggest of the post season.

Seabrook, with 8 years in the NHL, also helped his teammates when they seemed to get off track. Media reports relate that he had a conversation with Jonathan Toews in a hotel lobby during his 10 game goal drought. Seabs told him to quit listening to people who said it was OK for him to not score goals because he was doing everything else right. Seabrook told Toews, it was not OK and the team needed him to score goals. And in Game 4, Toews delivered. In the prior series, when Towes was getting hammered with penalties during game 4, Seabs also gave Toews some advice. He followed Toews into the penalty box after the captain took his third penalty, hit him on the back and told him to relax and get himself together because the team needed him to be better.

Overall Seabrook didn't deliver the constant performance defensively or offensively we would expect, however, true to form he was there when the Blackhawks needed him the most, with big plays and excellent moral support and guidance.

Final Grade : B+